Thursday, April 2, 2009

Goat Stories

The New York Times yesterday ran an article by Henry Alford entitled "How I Learned to Love Goat Meat." Apparently he was either unaware of a male goat in Oneshila, Namibia, that had started chasing children, or he likes eating caprine meat so much that he was willing to risk the wrath of New York goats.

According to one of the street vendors at the Namibian market, the goat went crazy after it found out that people are selling goat meat there. “I also used to sell goat meat, but now I stick to cow meat. I’ve been telling my fellow street vendors to follow suit so that we don’t make the goat angrier than it already is, but they have so far refused.”

So far, no one has called the police on the goat. Unfortunately, a meat goat that escaped the slaughterhouse in Minnesota DID have the police called on her. Despite reports that she wasn't aggressive, the cowardly St. Paul police shot her with a high-powered shotgun and then left without even cleaning up the blood. She was the 3rd goat shot by them in the past year.

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